Bilstein Shocks

Bilstein shocks are the best combination of handling and ride that we have been able to find. They are a high-pressure gas single-tube shock, which dissipates heat very effectively, and does not allow the shock operating oil to foam or lose its damping capability. They also hold the tires to the road and dramatically lessen body sway on turns and nosediving on stops.

They are truly a lifetime shock; we have run them on vehicles of our own for literally hundreds of thousands of miles.

We got into them originally for customers who raced VWs in Baja California back around 1970. Over the years we have gotten excellent customer feedback — in some cases, long distance phone calls on the customer’s dime to tell us how pleased they are with the way the car handles.

These shocks do not carry the normal Bilstein lifetime warranty because they are in many cases early production designs that are no longer being made, but they are not “seconds” or less than original quality in any way.