Aircooled Volkswagen models are classified by “type”. Here is a guide to determine which type your car might be:

Aircooled VW models
TYPE I Bug; Super Beetle; most Karmann-Ghias
TYPE II Transporter; Bus; Vanagon
TYPE III Squareback; Fastback; Notchback w/"Pancake" engine; some Ghia models
TYPE IV 411 Squarebacks — larger than the Type III squarebacks with same engine as 1700/1800 Bus
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357-5615-601 Brake Disc Rear Golf/Jetta/Passat 1985–
111-405-615D VARGA brake disc front 4-bolt
171-121-407E Coolant reservoir Rabbit/etc thru 1989
111-198-501 Main Bearings +80 case/STD crank/2OS thrust
111-198-505 Main Bearings +80 case/020 crank/2OS thrust
4M111 Repco Main Bearings 010 Case/020 crank
003-321-371 Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket AUDI Fox; VW Dasher 1973–76/100LS 1970–77/Type II; III; IV –1975
021-105-701AS Rod Bearings Std. Type II/IV/PORSCHE 914 1700/1800 Orig $29.95 Metaleve $19.95
029-198-009 Goetze (German) Complete engine gasket set PORSCHE 914 1800/Type II 1974–79
058-198-101 (031-0524 Beck/Arnley) Reinz (German) Complete gasket set AUDI 100LS 1970–71 $59.95
111-107-411 Piston Pin Std Type I/II 36HP
113-101-351D Cylinder Head New Bare 40HP 1961–64 w/casting # 113-371D Make Offer
113-107-411 Piston Pin Std Type I/II 40HP
113-857-513A Hella Mexico Outside Mirror LH Hinge Mount Type I –1967 $14.95
113-857-513DX Taiwan Outside Mirror Door Mount LH Type I 1968–79 except convertible
171-498-833 Steering Rack Boot Kit VW Rabbit; Porsche 924 w/manual steering $12.95/pr
171-611-051A/B India Wheel Cylinder VW Rabbit 1975–76 14mm $8.95
0-280-150-206 Bosch New Fuel Injector VW Vanagon Watercooled 1983–91 $82.00*
022-141-025D F&S Clutch Pressure Plate 215mm Type II 1974–74/TYPE IV 1974 (VW list 158.00) $69.95*
022-141-031B F&S Clutch Disc 215mm w/springs Type II 1974–75 $65.00*
022-141-031D Luk Clutch Disc 210mm flat (NOTE: 11/16" spline rather than common VW 13/16”) Type IV 1972–74 ONLY $47.00*
056-141-117B CLUTCH COVER NEW VW/AUDI DASHER/FOX 1.5 1974–75 $35.00*
111-905-225F IGNITION ROTOR Beck/Arnley 173-7717 NLS VW 40hp W/Non-Bosch Dist $5.95
111-998-061 IGNITION POINTS VW 40hp w/Non-Bosch Dist $7.95
113-101-211G Generator/Alternator stand to adapt 12v gen or alt to 6v engines Type I 15/1600 $22.50
113-707-385 Rear Bumper Bow LH Type I –1967 Make offer
113-707-201B Bump strip front bumper Type I 1968–? Super Beetle? $19.95
113-707-401A Bump strip rear bumper Type I 1968–? Super Beetle ? $19.95
113-827-503H Rear deck lid lock w/keys Type I 1972–79 $19.95
165-827-571C Trunk Lock VW Jetta $69.95
171-721-355B Clutch Cable VW Rabbit 1975 only $9.95
211-251-053J Muffler VW Type II (Bus) 1962–63 40hp w/fresh-air heater $75.00*
211-905-207 DIST CAP Beck/Arnley 174-6510 NLS VW 40hp W/Non-Bosch Dist $9.95
211-905-295 Ignition Condenser VW 1961–65 w/Non-Bosch Distributor (B/A 172-6595) $1.95
251-953-513 Turn Signal Switch VW Vanagon 1980–91 w/o cruise control $29.95
3038 Bret Reman Diesel Injector (NA12X) VW GOLF/JETTA 1985; VANAGON 1982–83 $40 exchange
31-022/0-331-302-004R Reproduction Starter Solenoid 6v VW/PORSCHE many $29.95
31-072/0-331-302-034 Bosch Starter Solenoid VW Type I/II/II 1967–68; others as per # on solenoid
311-198-063C Mahle Piston/Liner kit 83mm Dome top VW Type III 1500 $100/set of 4
311-941-581C Headlight relay 6v VW TYPE III –1966 $45.00
321-201-551G Gas Cap Threaded w/threaded cap small top; available locking and not VW Super Beetle/Rabbit
341-953-161 Front turn signal lens original Hella K12790A2131 RH Type III Ghia? Make offer
431-611-019K Brake Master Cyl Ate AUDI 5000 1978–81 W/hydr stoplight switch $129.90
810-611-019 Brake Master Cyl Ate AUDI 100LS 1975–77 $49.95
811-953-513A Turn Signal Switch AUDI 4000; QUATTRO; COUPE 1980–84 most w/cruise $89.95
FD19X Bosch Reman Fuel Distributor AUDI 5000 1978–80 $250.00 (no core)
LKA-2 Chrome Locking Gas Cap VW Type I 1968–70; Type III most; Audi 100LS; Fox 1972–77 $15.00
PC302 Purolator Oil Filter Type I/II w/bypass oil filter kit $5.50
SBK1 Split Axle Boot Kit (glue-type) VW Rabbit 1975–84 $19.00
6006 GE Sealed Beam Lamp 6V VW all thru 1966 w/6V system $5.95
Many other 6V Bulbs including halogens & various. Call with your needs.


(Ring groove widths noted in mm; oil rings noted as 1-piece German-style slotted or 3-piece. Some have extra expanders)

We have most VW rings available in economy, OE or Deves. Inquire for others not listed below.

Most rings — $20.00/set
Ate, Goetze, Deves, TRW aircooled — $30.00/set
(Inquire for OE watercooled)

Type I/II 36/40hp bore 77mm 1955–65
Type I/II 36-40hp big bores were available 82mm and 83mm
Type I 1300c bore 77mm different ring widths than 36/40hp 1966 only
(The above engines can be built as 1600cc by using 1600 piston/liner assemblies and machining cylinder heads to fit)
Type I/II/III 1500cc 83mm (often rebuilt with 1600 p/liners) thru 1969
Type I/II/III 1600cc 85.5mm (big bore kits were available 87mm/88mm/90mm/92mm with a variety of ring groove widths) 1970–
Type IV/II & Porsche 914 1700cc 90mm bore 1971–73
Type IV/II & Porsche 914 1800cc 93mm bore 1974–75
Type II & Porsche 914 2000cc 94mm bore Type II 1975–; 914 1974–76

Commercially rebuilt engines often had oversize liners and pistons, .5mm (.020″) or 1.00mm (.040″) over the original bore. Apparently boring liners and buying oversize pistons was economically feasible on a large scale, but was rarely done by smaller shops and owners.

025-198-151ABR COFAP VANAGON 94MM 1986–91 1.75/2.0/3.5
068-198-151C DEVES 1990STD VW DIESEL
049-198-151B COFAP 79.5MM RABBIT/ETC 1.75/2.0/4.0
111-198-157 ATE 03-3902-00 36/40HP 77MM
111-198-157/EC WHITE BOX 36/40HP 77MM
058-198-151 (A) TRW 09-3310 SUPER AUDI 100LS 84MM 1972–77
111-198-157AJP JAP 1300 77MM
111-198-157/82 DEVES 840 4OHP BIG BORE 82MM 2.5 TOP RING
111-198-159A 77.5 O/S 2.0 TOP RING
111-198-161 ip JAP 36/40HP 78MM O/S 2.5MM TOP RING
315-198-163A 83MM 1500 TYPE I/II 3/4 SET
315-198-163(A) REPCO P1242 STD
311-198-163A ATE 03-3905-00 TYPE III 1500 83MM
315-198-167 1500 TYPE I/II 84MM (1.0 O/S) 2/2/4MM
311-198-169A WHITE BOX 1600 85.5 2/2/5MM
311-198-169/87 DEVES 878S BIG BORE 87MM 1.5 TOP RING
311-198-169/90 WHITE BOX BIG BORE 90MM 2/2/4MM 3P OIL RING
311-198-169/90 DEVES 1971 BIG BORE 90MM
311-198-173 ip 1600 O/S 86.5 2/2/4MM
111-198-257AJA/82 NPR BIG BORE 82MM
111-198-257A/83 NPR BIG BORE 83MM
315-198-263 ATE 07-3918-00 83MM 2/2/4MM 1P OIL RING