Wiper Refills

Keep your original TEX wipers in service! These are the original real rubber refills, that work with your original metal strips. We also have some original TEX blades, some brushed, some chrome, some black.

Note on wiper terminology: the thing that attaches to the car and swivels is the “Wiper Arm”. The thing that attaches to this and holds the rubber gizmo is the “Wiper Blade”, The rubber gizmo itself with the wiping surface is the “Wiper Refill”.

The common British wiper arm styles are the “spoon arm” that has a curve at the end and it fits into a slot in the blade, and the “bayonet arm” that ends in a flat surface with a locking bump on it.

Bayonet-stype blades have a corresponding hole in the connector that snaps over the arm. Most early cars had a narrow 5mm (smaller than 1/4″) bayonet; most 1970s cars have a wide 7mm (nearly 5/16″) arm. Late Jags have a “crook arm” like many German cars.

Most current replacements blades are black finish; Tex and some of the vintage repro stuff still supply silver finish blades. Many Tex are brushed white metal finish, most NOS Lucas are polished chrome.

You can identify an original TEX refill by the molded knobs at both ends. There are no metal clips holding it in; the only metal in the refill are the stiffener strip, and it will not slide out of the blade. If the rubber is loaded into a metal or plastic frame that is clipped at one end, it has been modified (not uncommon, as the original refills are not readily available at K-Mart).

The problem then is that the metal strips have been discarded. If you want to go back to the originals, I have some good used strips;  if you just want to get something in there, even if it is not original and not as classy looking nor as flexible as original, I have some Bosch refills that can be used.