Lucas Electrical

QuantityPart no.DescriptionApplicationOther info
135362Switch wiper (USED)SQB800
852337Lamp amber plastic single filamentL594 144-050
153244LampTriumph TR-2 & TR-3 1955-1957
253564Lamp red beehive dual filamentCombo of 5 pieces/1 missing rimL594
253600Lamp red beehive single filamentLucasL594
154923Lamp rear marker LHMGB 1970-1976L824
156545Lamp flasher fron RH (USED)TR-6 1969-1975
156707Lamp side/flasher-no lensL930
156790Lamp lic pl w/plinth (USED)MG, various, kit cars144-200
173212USEDJaguarBosch 0280140222
176727SolenoidLand Rover 1964-1967TOB153
1250404St drive springTLB168
5 boxes255728Starter pinion springTLB161
1552906Head lamp rim gasket
7572727Bulb holderLucasL488
2572734Lamp rim chromeMoss158-400
2573285Bulb holderLucasL488
3574636Lamp base MossL549
4574825Rim lic/dash lamp smallMoss158-510
7575003Lamp rubber body 3-wire37H5481
2576985Lamp base/bulbholder DFLucas
4727784Wiper bladeMoss160-300
1pkg748843Grommet smallPkg 10=$1.52
22320816Fog lamp unit square 8+Glass: "LUCAS"02-320-010
254033360Switch stoplight34547
154033733Turn signal switch + 1 Used
154033735Switch turn
154201206Fan altUZB934 54219773
154210144Generator bushing
254211714Generator bracket w/tach dr iron
154245219Field coil
354252023Starter bushing
1054252075Bush 10 pk
154253143Bracket starter
454255190Bush 10 pk4 pcs only
354301407Horn brush assy560-430
254310190Knob small round
454325339Bezel switch black narrow
154331875Lever turn switch
254340377Bezel switch black142-120
354341672Bezel clip switch141-440
254342879Switch retainer white
154363920Window haz light1H404E
154382845Fuse box cover
254411772Points2 req per vehDSB110
254412436Base plate dist
154412750Distributor lead
454413549Distributor terminal
354415803Contact setDSB142
254417214Dist capIntermotorDDB106
154427198Vacuum unit (USED)Reconditioned
254428044Dist clampLucas153-400
154429706Amp/vac opus
254520505Gasket headlamp/body originalLucas
654521223Headlight rim originalLucas
154522243Spring clip adjusterLucas
154570229Lens stop red upperL672
354570230Clip chrome for lensL672
754570231Reflex shieldL672
454570271Lens white ovalL622
154570335Lens red Hillman
254570363Lamp baseL632
954570453Screw 1.25" pkg of 10L647
4 pcs54570454Screw L647
154570648Lens rear upperL642
454570651Lens w/rim flat whiteL632
1854570664Lens red flat glassLucasL488
154571434Lens upper taillight amberL676
254571498Gasket lic plate lampMoss280-540
154571934Gasket stoptail Jag 63-68
254571935Lamp body gasket
554572490Lens turn top redMoss164-730
254572946Lens turn signal clearMoss - plasticL677 164-775
154573428Side marker lens amber/whiteLucasVolvo
254573636Lens clear smallLucasL717 54575434
154573644Lens clear smallLucasL717 54575433
354573892Lens amber RH LucasL717 54575424
454578535Cover lic plate lampL696
354578540Gasket tail lens XJ6 Ser I-IIJS44G
154579306Gasket lensJLM1905XL824
154580212Lens amber sm squareL841
454580315Lens side marker red+1 usedL841
254580432Gasket lamp seatingMoss 164-880
454580578Lens park & turn white lowerL721
154581051Lens park/turn clear roundL632
154581110Lens amberL691
154581290Lens red w/white backup largeL837
254581473Lens amber frontL879
254581591Lens park/turn clear roundL760
254581622Lens beehive whiteBagged OELKB200
354581651Lens amberBagged OE560-275
154581784Lens rear turn amberL880
154581848Lens back-upL595
154582588LensJS345 Jag boxL803
454583038Lens clear flat glassMoss 552-060L488
254584357Lens repeater clear w/rimL658
154585030Lens front LH TR-6 1973-1974L827
154585869Lens reverse LH smokeNo boxL832
154585870Lens reverse RH smokeL832
154586350Lens front RoverMoss 164-818 (+1 Used)L931
154642469Spring (pkg of 10)
154644303End cap
154660182Cable w/plunger
154707142Shaft & gear
354713563Brush set (pair)
154945043Bulb holder
160600111Bearing kit
160600112Tacho kit w/pinion
560600427Adjusting screw set
160600847Retention kitTLB193
159773RHeadlamp bucket plastic repro
1A2504Alternator remanufactured14055
1DCB101C/423871LucasIgnition condenser most British
4DSB245PointsLucasFiat 850
1DSB706PointsLucasTriumph Spitfire
2L572USED Lamp bodies