Watch for Flood Vehicles

I’ve seen a number of warnings in the auto industry press warning of vehicles from the Gulf area who are flood damaged showing up all over the country.

There is a goverment agency crushing some of them, but there are more out there showing up in salvage auctions and resale auctions. There is also an incomplete list of VIN numbers of flood salvage vehicles available at

These vehicles are very hazardous; not only because of water and mud damage affecting the operating systems of the cars, but the flood waters were highly contaminated with both toxic materials and bacteria. There is a reported case of a Mississippi firefighter dying from blood poisoning (sepsis) from a small cut he got removing an accident victim from a car.

Watch for cars with moisture or mud in odd places that would not normally get wet in the average rainstorm. You can get more information by searching “flood cars” and “hurricane zone vehicles.”